Login Page

This topic assumes that you have already installed Deltek Time and Expense with Self Service on your company's intranet or Internet. It also assumes that you have a computer that meets the system requirements for operating system, browser, etc. These requirements are outlined in the Install Instructions. Within your browser, you will either type in the URL address for Deltek Time and Expense with Self Service or use a link from your corporate web site. Once you use the link, the login screen displays.

Login ID

Enter your login ID. Login IDs are assigned to employees within the system. They can be the same as the employee ID or different. Login IDs have the following attributes:

If your browser allows cookies, the last login ID used on your computer will default.

The system supports two types of authentication. The first is data based, and the second is LDAP based. The data-based authentication validates the user and login using tables with the system. LDAP-based authentication validates the user on outside LDAP implementation. For further information, please see the Technical Guide.


Enter your password in this field. If authentication is data-based, your initial password is your Government ID (as set up in the Basic Information tab of the Employee Information screen) with any dashes. This typically is your social security number. The password policies for the system are configurable. In general, data-based authentication passwords have the following attributes:

The browser does not remember passwords.

With data-based authentication, if your administrator used dashes in the Government ID field in the Employee Information screen, you must enter the dashes when you initially log on to the system. 


Depending on your configuration, this field may not be displayed. If it is displayed, you can specify which system you want to use. Domains represent different data sets. A domain can represent a different company or different data sets such as Production, Test, or Training. Domains have the following attributes:

If your browser allows "cookies," the last Domain entered on your computer will be defaulted. 


Select your preferred language and locale from this drop-down list. When you change the locale, the language for field labels on the login screen change to match the locale you selected. Choices include the following:

If you select a Language/Locale that is not configured for your chosen domain, an error message displays, alerting you that the language is unavailable. The Login screen defaults to "English/United States."

If your browser allows cookies, Deltek Time and Expense with Employee Self Service remembers your language/locale preference. Otherwise, English is the default language. 


After you have filled in the Login ID, Password, and Domain fields, select this icon to submit login information. If any of the information is invalid, the system will display an error dialog. If your system uses data-based authentication and you are logging in for the first time, you must change your password or you will be taken to your default screen as defined in your preferences.

You can configure the number of invalid login attempts before the Login ID is disabled in the General Options tab of the General Configuration screen. The valid values are 3, 4, or 5.  


Select this icon to clear the information entered.

Change Password After Login

If you select this check box, the system will display a change password dialog after successful login. You must verify the new password by entering it twice. The password must conform to the password policies as configured in the Password Settings group box in the General Options tab of the General Configuration screen.

This option will launch the change password dialog only if you are using data-based authentication.

If you are logging in to a new system where no information is set up, the valid login information is as follows:

Select Time Zone

This dialog will appear the first time users log in to the system. They will be required to select the time zone in which they are located.