Use the Leave option to view all leave balances and detail leave transactions.  

Leave Type

Select the leave type that you wish to review. The default displayed will be the first leave type in the list. Each time you select a leave type, the information in the table and the Balance field will be refreshed.

This drop-down box contains the descriptions in alphabetical order for the leave types that are set up for the employee ID and employee class on the timesheet.  If no leave types are set up for the employee or employee class, the drop-down box will be disabled.

If you are configured to use the Costpoint Multicompany feature (the Costpoint Multicompany checkbox is selected in the Miscellaneous tab of the General Configuration screen), the leave types will be filtered to those that have same Costpoint company defined in your employee history record.


This non-editable field displays the balance of the selected leave type to four decimal positions. If there are unsaved changes on the timesheet, an "*" will display next to the field with an accompanying footnote that states: "The leave balance will not include any taken transactions that have not been saved."

Table Window


This non-editable column displays the leave transaction dates for the selected Leave Type. The table is sorted in ascending date order.


Four possible leave transaction types can display in this column: "Beginning Balance," "Accrued," "Taken" and "Adjustment."  

The beginning balance and accrued transactions are loaded into the system using the Deltek Time import function. The "Taken" transactions are written during the timesheet save option when leave is charged. You can load adjustment transactions into the system either through the Deltek Time import function or through the Leave tab of the Employee Information screen.


This column displays the number of hours associated with the transaction line.


This column displays the text that the System Administrator either entered when an adjustment was added in the Leave tab of the Employee Information screen or imported through the import function.


Select the Preview/Print pushbutton to print selected leave activity.


Select the Close pushbutton to close the Leave dialog.