Reverse Timesheet

Use the Reverse Timesheet option to reverse every line on a processed timesheet. This option is available only if the employee's timesheet class is configured for reversals (the Must Use Reverse Timesheet checkbox is selected in the Basic Information tab of the Timesheet Classes screen). Employees with a timesheet class that has this checkbox selected are required to use this option in order to correct processed timesheets.

The Reverse Timesheet option will also be disabled if any of the following are true:

This reverse option creates a negative image of existing timesheet lines that cannot be changed and a positive image that can be changed. Correct/change the positive image to the way the time should have originally been recorded. The timesheet will be returned to an "Open" status. (If start and stop times were entered for a timesheet line, they are preserved and linked to the positive image of the original line.)

The Reverse Timesheet feature should not be applied to any timesheet that includes more than 250 lines.